How it works

Grab your family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, your boat and head out to our Oceanside Lantern Festival. 

Our Lantern Festival is held via boats out in the Ocean surrounding the United States. Instead of Party On The Beach, We Party In The Ocean. Have you seen the boat parades? Ever go to a concert held on the water via boat? Our festival is similar, boats park together in a predetermined area, to hold the party. Right after Sunset, everyone releases their lanterns, wishes, and personal messages into the universe.

Outside food and drinks are allowed,

Our Lanterns are eco friendly and we have a leave no lantern behind clean-up policy. You can find more information on our lanterns and clean-up below.

Looking to propose to your girlfriend? Our Oceanside Lantern Festival is the most memorable way to ask “will you marry me” Give her the Tangled Experience and make it a magical experience to remember for a lifetime.

Pets are welcome since everyone is on personal boats, they will love being able to experience it with you.

What to Bring

  • Your Boat
  • Yourself, Family, Fur Baby, Friends
  • Your camera to capture the moment.
  • Warm Clothing or a blanket incase it gets chilly on the water.

Eco Friendly

Oceanside Lantern Festival’s Lanterns Are Eco Friendly to both the land and the ocean. 

Our Lanterns Are Made Of All Natural Products, Metal Free, And Also Flammable Liquid Free Materials. 

Lantern Materials; Rice Paper, Bamboo Ring, Bees Wax Fuel Cell Cake, Hemp String.

Check Out Our Tracking & Clean-up Policy Below.

Tracking & Clean-up

How Do We Track And Cleanup Our Lanterns?

We track our lanterns flight with 4 Mavic 2 Pro Drones so we know exactly where every lantern flies and lands.

We have a “No Lantern Left Behind Policy”, we have our cleanup team stationed out in the landing zone in boats ready to collect every lantern as they begin to descend.

We hold trial runs to test and determine where the lanterns will land to station our team members.

Our Team also picks up any trash we find from others floating in the ocean.

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Grab A S'more Frap, and other S'more Goodies

Not Only Can You Get Some Delicious S’mores At Our Event, But You Can Also Grab A Delicious S’more Frappe, S’moretini, S’more Coco, And More. Pre-Order /your S’more Treats In Advance

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